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Cascadas de Merida is located in the Historic Centro neighborhood of Santiago.

Santiago is one of the oldest parishes and first residential sections of Historic Merida.  We boast our own delightful market and cultural activities, but the hub of our great city, Plaza Grande or Zocalo is easily within walking distance.

Taxis in Merida are really inexpensive and we can call one for you.

We are perfectly situated for day trips out of the city, and since we have complimentary secure parking, our guests with cars can take advantage of our easy access to routes to ruins, beaches and nature.

We are happy to offer easy to follow directions and book tours.

logoCascadas de Merida

Calle 57 #593-C, x 74A y 76

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico 97000

US phone 1.305.978.5855

Merida phone 52.999.923.8484

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Cascadas de Merida

Calle 57 #593-C, x 74A y 76