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Cascadas de Merida Bed & Breakfast

The Spa at Cascadas de Merida

Body Wraps

All body wraps $85.00 US Dollars*

FacialBody Wrap - Aromatherapy Salt Glow (70 min.)
An exfoliating, nourishing and rejuvenating body wrap, this treatment is suitable for all skin types. A blend of sea salts, mineral salts, and aromatic oils is gently massaged over the body to remove dull surface skin cells and improve circulation, thus providing a softer smoother looking skin.

Wine Therapy Body Wrap (70 min.)
An innovative treatment that provides deep hydration and an instantly vibrant look. Grapes and seeds fight and delay the aging process, while increasing the skin's elasticity. This wrap helps to tone and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment is soothing for tired muscles and diminishes varicose veins.

Mayan Wrap – Chocolate Therapy (70 min)
The use of cocoa as an antioxidant and nourishing absorbent, revitalizes and comforts the body. The Mayans introduced this serotonin enhancing element to the world. We offer this as the perfect vacation spa treatment.

Seaweed Body Mask & Body Wrap (70 min.)
A French seaweed wrap is smoothed over your entire body. A warm blanket is used to retain body heat as the skin detoxifies. The seaweed’s rich algae minerals and enzymes will improve skin elasticity and smoothness. As a final soothing touch, a body moisturizer is applied to tone and refresh.

Relaxing Massage


Relaxing Massage (50 min.) - $35 USD and up*
Our Masseur incorporates Reflexology, Shiatsu and the classic relaxation techniques into each massage. Combing friction, effleurage and kneading, this massage method loosens and soothes sore tight muscles, increases circulation and improves overall skin and muscle tone. Pressure can range from very light to very firm, according to client’s needs…

Pampered Extremities
- $60 USD*
Our Masseur will treat your hands and feet like royalty! They work hard enough daily, but imagine how tired they will be after a day of intense sightseeing. Let him pamper them through reflexology, massage and, best of all, paraffin. A Modified version of this can be added to any wrap or massage, or, indulge yourself with a 60 minute complete treatment.

Hot Stone MassageHot Stone Massage (80 min.) - $70 USD*
This ancient Native American treatment combines the use of warm stones with a therapeutic massage to balance and open your energy. The heated mineral stones enhance the massage allowing the muscles and joints to relax while creating a centered state of well-being. Warm stones are responsive and recharge life. Treat yourself to contact with Mother Earth.”


*prices subject to change