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Cascadas de Merida Bed & Breakfast


An Oasis in the midst of the city, filled with
water & light~

Combining traditional and modern design, materials, technology and amenities we have created the perfect blend of comfort and culture.

  • An air-conditioned main house with spacious living and dining areas, reading materials and kitchen.
  • Four casitas, free standing for privacy and comfort
  • King or two double beds
  • High speed Internet access in every room
  • Cable TV with English programming in each casita
  • Large in-ground pool for lounging or laps
  • Wherever possible, the use was made of quality native materials. Our waterfalls and fountains are all constructed from reclaimed rock. Our furniture is mostly made of Mexican materials made by Mexican craftsmen. Many of these craftsmen have known our family for many years and have taken a special interest in providing the very best.

  • Waterfalls throughout Cascadas de Merida that provide a soothing sound and cool the refreshing breezes
  • Ceiling fans and windows positioned to optimize breezes
  • Abundant electricity and treated water. Plenty of bottled water, of course.
  • Lots of electrical outlets on every wall for laptops, phone chargers, digital camera chargers, iPod chargers, etc.
  • Powerful, individually and remote controlled ecologically-sound and quiet air conditioners
  • Limited secure, covered parking available