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Cascadas de Merida Bed & Breakfast



The history of the colonial city of Merida is well documented on the Internet and you shouldn't need us to sing its praises. However we can tell you about Cascadas de Merida and the resurgence of the "El Centro" district as a wonderful place to live and visit.

After years of being a shabby stopover while en route to the Mayan ruins or Yucatan beaches, Merida has spruced itself up and now hosts arts, music, handcrafts and carnival festivals. It has become not only a hub for sightseeing throughout the Yucatan, but a destination in its own right.

Cascadas de Merida Bed & Breakfast

Close to one hundred years ago, my abuelo (grandfather), Francisco Dorantes, moved his family to Merida from the small village of Panabá. Though Merida was always the capital city of Yucatan, at that time it too resembled a village. In time he found a wife, Rosario, and started a family of his own on a plot of land in the Santiago colonia near Merida's town center, the same spot that Cascadas de Merida is found today. The clay and straw house was built and rebuilt over the years as their family kept growing. I was born in that casa de paja (house of straw) as were my sisters and brothers, my cousins, and numerous relatives who stayed with the Dorantes over 80 years. My grandmother was fond of saying that "a house filled with love needs no walls, just another hammock hook!" Little by little my abuelo, a traveling salesman, built real concrete walls for us, even as he and his wife continued to live out back in their more traditional casita.

Five generations of my family have called this home. And it is truly a home built upon love and the strong ethical beliefs of my grandparents. It is on these foundations provided by Francisco and Rosario that I built new walls and lots and lots of amenities on the site of my childhood home. I believe that Francisco and Rosario are proud that their legacy continues...

Chucho Basto

Santiago Colonia

Located within historic El Centro, Merida's heart and soul, Santiago is convenient to everything you may want to visit during your stay.

Santiago itself is home to one of the oldest markets and churches in the city.

The public square, only two short blocks from Cascadas de Merida, regularly hosts dances for modern and traditional dancers. Visitors are warmly invited to join in!

Santiago is safe and comfortable. Like most of Merida, evening strolls are safe and delightful.

Calle 57, where we are located, is a friendly street with families like our own who date back generations. Don't look for a Holiday Inn here. This is still a true family neighborhood in the heart of the city.